The Vaulted House Case Study

September - November 2017

This semester-long case study was undertaken to understand a complete design process.  The Vaulted House was designed by vPPR Architects, a young firm in London (I know this is my portfolio, but their work is amazing, you should check it out:  Although just a singular house amidst thousands in London, it provided the perfect opportunity to understand much larger issues the city is facing in terms of housing - the lack of space, the transformation of old industrial sites, and infill conditions that must be addressed.

Elaine Zmuda

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Studying the Vaulted House also provided my first opportunity to start understanding how the composition the the spaces/rooms and the assembly the building lent itself to dwelling.  By observing the minute details, I could see how the design balances between the exisiting conditions (an old taxi garage), the main concepts (living under vaults), and the practicalities (it must house a large family and remain private.  These all played out incredibly clearly in vPPR's project and to this day, I still recall the lessons this building taught me and it remains one of my favorite school projects.

construction and assembly

spatial composition

inhabitation/ dwelling