Elaine Zmuda

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Landscape Histories

January - May 2018

This series of investigations is the result of a semester of studying the history of landscape architecture.  From not-so-humble origins in forest clearings, to extensive land use planning during the late 20th century, we as a species have been continually reshaping our environment to better suit our needs, be they agricultural, recreational, spiritual, or political.  Analysis of landscapes across time proves that there are myriad ways to address the same problems that always come up in in civilizations.  With only 14 projects shown here, themes throughout time are already evident – seeing picturesque Prospect Park as a fragmented French or Italian

garden, understanding that the land-use plans outside of Baltimore have a relation to the outdoor rooms of Kiley’s Miller Garden are just a few.  Illuminating the same key design concepts allow for an in-depth study.