Elaine Zmuda

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Allt i sinom tid

September 2018

59.2782985, 18.0062512

59.2961075, 18.0134787

59.3007215, 18.0205493

Allt i sinom tid, or "all in good time" was a study of capturing spaces with different senses of time throughout Stockholm.  After walking around the city, or doing a derive, interesting sites were discovered, often those that go unnoticed - a bench filled with notes over time, or a puddle that will disappear in a day.  Axonometric drawings of each site aim to capture the space in a way familiar to designers, allowing one to better understand the space and learn how to replicate different senses of embodied time.

A final drawing was completed without a particular site, but rather from experience, created by what combining what stood out most from memory and all experiences of Stockholm so far.